Canada Dependent Visa (or) Spouce Visa

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Sponsor your spouse, partner, or child to Canada:

If you are a Citizen or Permanent Resident, you can sponsor your eligible family members like spouse, partner, and dependent children to become permanent residents of Canada.

When you sponsor and apply for a Canada Dependant visa, you should prove, you have enough funds to take care of and you will not take Canadian government social assistance.

Fee: Spouse- $1,050. For Child $150

Processing time: about 12 months - varies by country

Who is eligible to sponsor their spouse, partner, or child for a Canada Dependant Visa?

You can sponsor your spouse or dependent child
  •  Your age should be 18 years
  •  You must be a Citizen of Canada or PR holder of Canada
  •  If you’re living in India and you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident, you must show your plan to live and settle in Canada, to become permanent residents.
  •  If you are living outside Canada, you cannot sponsor anyone to become a permanent resident.
  •  You have to prove you are not receiving social assistance from Canada Government.


  •  As a sponsor, you must promise you will take care of the dependant’s financially, and you also should give an undertaking.
  •  You must commit to an undertaking
  •  You will provide financial support for your family members, from the day they become permanent residents
  •  In the sponsorship agreement, you must mention you will take care of their basic needs and responsibilities of your dependents.
  •  The dependants you sponsor should make every effort to support themselves and their family members

Income requirements:
  •  The sponsor has to meet the income requirement to sponsor the partner in most of the cases.
  •  The applicant has to show evidence, he has enough money to take his partner and child.
  •  The sponsor has to meet Quebec’s immigration sponsorship requirements and sign the undertaking.

Who can’t sponsor their spouse, partner, or child for a Canada Dependant visa?
  •  To be eligible to sponsor, sponsor you to have to be age above 18 years.
  •  You cannot sponsor your spouse or partner to become a permanent resident if you are living outside Canada.
  •  You cannot sponsor a person if you are not a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  •  You cannot sponsor a person to become a permanent resident if the sponsor is on a temporary resident visa or on Visiting visa or studying or working, or on a work permit visa.
  •  You may not be eligible to sponsor, if you were sponsored by your partner and you became a permanent resident less than 5 years back.
  •  Since you are still responsible financially for your previous spouse that you have sponsored, you cannot sponsor for 3 more years
  •  You may not be eligible to sponsor your spouse, child, parent, because they have already applied for the visa and the decision is pending.
  •  You cannot sponsor a person for a Canada Dependant visa if you are in jail, prison, or penitentiary.
  •  You cannot sponsor a person if you have declared bankruptcy and not discharged.
  •  You cannot sponsor a person if you are receiving assistance for a reason other than a disability.
  •  You cannot sponsor a person, if you are convicted of attempting, threatening to commit, or committing a violent criminal offense against a relative or any sexual offense.

Who you can sponsor for a Canada Dependant visa:
  •  Sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, or dependent children.

  •  You can sponsor your spouse – of either sex, who is legally married and the age should above 18 years.

  •  The common-law partner is legally married (either sex) age should be above 18 years.
  •  You should be living together for at least 12 months continuously in the conjugal relationship without any long periods apart.
  •  You can choose to end the relationship and inform the Canada High Commission.
  •  To sponsor a common-law partner you should provide evidence for the continued relationship.

  • YOUR CONJUGAL PARTNER (same-sex partner)-
  •  You must be legally married or in a common-law relationship with you.
  •  You can be of either sex and age should be above 18 years.
  •  You should be in a relationship with you for at least 1 years and live outside Canada.
  •  You have to provide evidence, that you are married and you have a Conjugal relationship.

  •  You can sponsor your Dependent children if their age below 22 years and they are not married.
  •  You can also sponsor your dependent children age above 22 with specific conditions, such as
  •  They are unable to support themselves financially because of their mental health or physical health condition.
  •  They should also prove, they are depending on their parents financially since before 23 years.

You can sponsor your dependent child if they qualify for a Canada Dependant visa:
  •  You cannot sponsor a child who is already a Canadian citizen.
  •  In case you have not sponsored your spouse and you want to sponsor your child, your child will be treated as a Principal applicant and your spouse or legal guardian has to agree for your child immigrating to Canada.
  •  The child you want to sponsor has a child (your grandchild) you can sponsor your grandchild in the application.
  •  It is possible to sponsor a child who is an orphaned family member or adopted child.
  •  If you are sponsoring your spouse and a child, (own child or child you had together), your spouse will become the primary applicant and the child become dependent on the application.
  •  The child you want to sponsor has a child, you can also sponsor the grandchild as a dependant in the application.
  •  You need to provide all the evidence for Canada dependent visa, like medicals, Biometric, etc.
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  •  To apply for Canada dependant visa you need to submit the package of an application and also provide evidence, then only you will be able to get Canada dependent visa.
  •  In case if Canada High commission requests further documents during the process, you must upload those documents.
  •  If your Canada dependant visa is refused after processing, you will not get back the application fee paid by you.
  •  In case if you withdraw the Canada dependant visa application, except 75CAD you will get a refund of the fee.
  •  In case if your Canada dependant visa is refused, either you can reapply carefully using the assistance of Visa Cart.
  •  If you approach Visa Cart after the refusal of your Canada dependent visa, we will assist you for reapplication or for appeal.


  •  Collect checklist of documents from Visa Cart
  •  Gather all the documents
  •  Fill the required Application package
  •  Pay your application Fees
  •  Submit your application

Choose the right competent consultant for your visa:

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  •  They are experts and handled several refusal cases. Chose a consultant who has the competency to apply and who is capable of doing justice to your case.
  •  Do not choose a consultant who charges less. The success of the visa depends on your discovery of choosing the right competent consultant.


Documentation required for sponsoring a dependent under the Canada Dependent Visa:
  •  Passport
  •  Applicant documents
  •  Sponsor documents
  •  Evidence of funds documents
  •  Marriage certificate
  •  Evidence of relationship documents
  •  Completed application
  •  Canada High commission fees
  •  Biometrics