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Why Canada is focusing on immigration candidates living in the country

Canada depends on immigrants to support economic recovery, and the pandemic presents challenges.

With international travel low and immigration targets high, Canada has been opening pathways for domestic immigration candidates to apply for permanent residence.

The Canadian government is depending on foreign nationals who are likely already living in Canada to meet its immigration targets for the year. Canada has set out to welcome 401,000 new permanent residents by the end of 2021. Normally, it is possible to apply for Canadian immigration from overseas, but border restrictions make it difficult for approved permanent residents abroad to travel to Canada.

Consequently, Canada must rise to the challenge of meeting its targets without relying on overseas candidates. The pandemic has thrust Canada’s economy into precarious territory, but experts say high levels of immigration will be an important tenant to long-term recovery.

The Canadian government has maintained its support for immigration. Though unemployment is still high in Canada due to coronavirus-related public health measures, political rhetoric has stayed the course on immigration. Immigrants create jobs, and fill gaps in the labour market, all of which contribute to a robust economy.

But, the pandemic continues. Amid the third wave of coronavirus, travel restrictions are only getting tighter, which makes it difficult to admit overseas immigrants.

Many of those who have been approved for a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) since March 2020 are still unable to travel to Canada. When Canada first introduced its travel restrictions, approved permanent residents who got their COPR after March 18, 2020, were not exempt. Newly approved permanent residents from any country other than the U.S. are still not allowed to complete their landing and officially become Canadian immigrants. There are exemptions, however, for some international students, essential workers, family members, and other groups.

Furthermore, lockdown measures have forced many immigrants out of work. There are high levels of immigrants working in hard-hit sectors such as accommodation and food services. A number of these occupations are not considered “skilled work” so there are limited pathways to permanent residency for many temporary residents who are already in Canada.

These obstacles encourage the Canadian government to look for new solutions.

In-Canada experience beneficial for labour market outcomes

Those who are already living in Canada are likely to have Canadian work experience.

According to a Statistics Canada study, these individuals fare better in the labour market by 8 percent than those who do not have Canadian experience. Those with Canadian experience also fared better than overseas immigrants with pre-arranged employment.

This may come down to multiple reasons. For example, those with experience have already settled in Canada, they have become more proficient in English or French, and they have learned more about Canadian work culture, which may be different than in their home country.

Why Migrate to Canada?

  •  High demand for skilled immigrants
  •  Less Immigration Process compared to other English talking countries
  •  Free medical services and education for PR holders
  •  Huge benefits to Immigrants

Canada Immigration Programs

Canada has one of the world’s best immigration programs. There are various projects by which one can apply to move to Canada.

These include:

  • Migrate to Canada through Express Entry program
  • Migrate to Canada through the Quebec Selected Workers Program
  • Migrate to Canada through Provincial Nominee Program
  • Migrate to Canada as an Entrepreneur/independently employed individual
  • Migrate to Canada for family
  • Migrate to Canada as an Investor

Visa Cart helps candidates to make the right choice and choose the right program to work according to their eligibility and skill shortage.

Before we apply for any Canada visa or working program, we need to understand the eligibility, and apply only when we are eligible.

The purpose may be, to travel, to study, to work or to immigrate to Canada, or apply for citizenship, or permanent resident card.

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Canada Express Entry

Canada has introduced this Express Entry Program to migrate the skilled people in a faster way, applicants can also settle with their family. This is one of the most famous approaches to Migrate to Canada. The visa processing time is about 6-12 months.

Applicants can immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker and must meet the eligibility criteria.

How it works

To meet Canada immigration eligibility with below mentioned factors:

  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Language ability
  • Family members
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Details on any job offer

If you are eligible for Canada Immigration and if you are getting desired FSWP points you can build your profile.

Eligibility for Express Entry programs

Canada is immigrating skilled workers based on applicant Skills and ability to contribute to Canada’s economy.

Express Entry has 3 types of economic immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Provinces Nominee program: Provinces and territories also recruit skilled applicants from the Express Entry pool to meet local labour market needs.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (Express Entry):

This FSWP program is for skilled workers with foreign (Indian) work experience, who want to immigrate to Canada permanently with their family.

Minimum requirements for Canada Immigration program:

  • Skilled work experience
  • Language ability
  • Education

How Canada selects the skilled applicants:

Applicants must meet all the minimum requirements, to assess the application.

From the below 6 factors you must get a pass mark of 67 points out of 100 points. Only if you get 67 points, you can submit your profile online.

  • age
  • education
  • Indian work experience
  • valid job offer
  • English and/or French language skills
  • Adaptability
    1. Spouse skills
    2. Studied in Canada
    3. Worked in Canada
    4. Canadian Relative sponsor etc.
First official language – English 24 Points
Second official language – French 4 Points
Education 25 Points
Work experience 15 Points
Age 12 Points
Arranged employment in Canada 10 Points
Adaptability (from below factors you can score 10 pts) 10 Points
Your spouse or partner’s language level 5 Points
Your past studies in Canada 5 Points
Your spouse or partner’s past studies in Canada 5 Points
Your past work in Canada 5 Points
Arranged employment in Canada 5 Points
Relatives in Canada 5 Points

Minimum requirement from skilled work experience to be Eligible for Express Entry:

What does skilled work experience mean?

You have worked in one of these

National Occupational Classification (NOC) job groups:

  • Managerial jobs (skill type 0)
  • Professional jobs (skill level A)
  • Technical jobs and skilled trades (skill level B)

If your skill is in any one of the above mentioned NOC list, then only you are eligible to work in Canada under FSWP program.

Towards evidence of skilled work experience, you must submit a lead statement, which includes all the essential duties and most of the main duties listed in this Job code as primary occupation within the last 10 years from paid work.

You must have at least 2 year of continuous work experience or 1,560 hours total (30 hours per week).

We can claim part-time work may be 15 hours/week, but must show 1,560 hours in the same skill or NOC which you are claiming.

Volunteer work or unpaid internships don’t count.

Language ability

Applicant must prove language proficiency by taking test in approved language test centers in English or French for:

  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Listening
  4. Speaking

You must get a minimum score of 6 in IELTS General to apply for Canada immigration under express entry.

Then enter the test results in your Express Entry profile

When you are applying to the Canada immigration Expression of Interest, your IELTS score should be valid and not expired.


If you have foreign (Indian) education, you must have:

Completed an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Canada immigration purposes from a designated organization.

Showing that your education (certificate, diploma or degree) is equal to a Canadian:

  • secondary institution (high school) or
  • post-secondary institution

Proof of funds

You must show that you have enough money for you and your family to settle in Canada.

As a Proof of Funds, Canada accepts only liquid funds:

No. Of Family Members Funds Required in CAD Funds Required in INR @60
1 $ 13,213 Rs. 7,97,398
2 $ 16,449 Rs. 9,92,689
3 $ 20,222 Rs. 12,20,388
4 $ 24,553 Rs. 14,81,762


Federal Skilled Trades Program (Express Entry)

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for Trade skilled workers who want to become Canada permanent residents.

Qualified in a skilled trade.

Minimum eligibility requirements

  • Skilled work experience
  • Education
  • Language ability
  • Proof of funds
  • Be assessed by your province or territory

This is mainly organized for Trades skilled workers

Under these groups of the National Occupational Classification (NOC):

  • Major Group 72, industrial, electrical and construction trades
  • Major Group 73, maintenance and equipment operation trades
  • Major Group 82, supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture and related production
  • Major Group 92, processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators
  • Minor Group 632, chefs and cooks
  • Minor Group 633, butchers and bakers

They are majoring in NOC – skill type B.

You must show that you have performed most of the main duties listed in the selected NOC code.

To be eligible you must show, your experience meets the description in the NOC.


If you have foreign (Indian) education, you must have:

Completed an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for immigration purposes from a designated organization. Showing that your education (certificate, diploma or degree) is equal to a Canadian:

  • secondary institution (high school) or
  • post-secondary institution

Language ability

Applicant must prove language proficiency by taking test in approved language test centres in English or French for:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking

You must get a minimum score of 6 in IELTS General, for each above.

Then enter the test results in your Express Entry profile

When you are applying for your profile, your IELTS score should be valid and not expired.

Canada Immigration through Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

If you have options for the PNP to apply for your Canada PR visa, these are the steps:

You should apply in the region or Province where you want to settle.

You could be selected by the area to apply for a PR visa if your profile meets the eligibility criteria.

You can apply for your PR visa after you are selected by a region.

The PNP is a choice you can pick if your focus score isn’t sufficiently high you actually get your provincial Nomination. When making your application under the PNP, you can pick a region from which it will be easy to get a designation depending on your profile.

A Provincial Nomination can help you in two different ways to get your PR visa. It can add 600 CRS points to your Canada immigration Express Entry application and makes you qualified to apply for your PR visa directly to IRCC.

  • Alberta provincial nominee program (AINP)
  • British Columbia provincial nominee program (BCPNP)
  • Manitoba provincial nominee program (MPNP)
  • New Brunswick provincial nominee program (NBPNP)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador provincial nominee program(NLPNP)
  • Nova Scotia provincial nominee program (NSPNP)
  • Northwest Territories provincial nominee program (NTPNP)
  • Ontario provincial nominee program (OINP)
  • Prince Edward Island provincial nominee program (PEIPNP)
  • Saskatchewan provincial nominee program (SINP)
  • Yukon provincial nominee program (YPNP)

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP):

Quebec has its own Provincial Nominee Program known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). This migration program was begun with the expectation to urge more immigrants to come and settle in Quebec without having a lengthy immigration process.

Through this program skilled applicants can apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate or Certificate de selection du Québec (CSQ). It isn’t vital for candidates to have a valid job offer in order to migrate to Quebec. The applicant needs to have knowledge in French to qualify for QSWP.

How can I move to Canada from India?

To immigrate to Canada we can use below mentioned programmes.

  • Federal skilled Express Entry System
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Program

Most of the migration programs in Canada depend on the Point system. The candidates must satisfy the necessary qualifications and relevant experience. They should score satisfactory points to meet the eligibility. This includes Language Proficiency, Work Experience, Education, and others. Only then they can qualify for a specific immigration system.

What is the minimum score for immigration to Canada?

The minimum points for basic eligibility for the Federal Skilled Workers Program are 67 out of 100.

Applicants will be invited to apply for a visa based on CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score which keeps varying in every draw.

All the qualified applicants must create a profile in the Express Entry System. Education credential Assessment and IELTS score is compulsory to apply for EOI. The applicant must score in English above 6 in each to apply for EOI.

This includes Work Experience, Language Proficiency, Education, Age, etc. Applicants get 600 CRS points if they get Invitation from any of the provinces.

Applicants also get additional points, if they have studied or worked in Canada.

Applicants also get additional points if they have a valid job officer.

Applicants also get additional points if they have close relatives sponsoring them to Canada.

If you want to get adaptability points through family sponsorship, you need to take assistance from experienced Canada Immigration consultants, choose Visa Cart to avoid all types of chances and make your process cool and easy.

What is the process to apply for Canada PR through the Express Entry program?

To apply for this program, applicants should submit an Expression of interest (EOI) and qualify under the type of occupation referred to under the Skill types. Based on your inputs applicants profile will be given points and applicants should score at least 67 points to find a spot in the candidate pool.

Officials from territories and employers in Canada go to this pool to look for an applicant’s ability that will meet their needs to pick the right candidate.

Highest scored applicants will get an Invitation to apply (ITA) for a permanent residency. The number of Invitations to be issued is however decided by Immigration department of Canada.

Canada Immigration Process Step by Step:

Stage 1: Complete your ECA

As a first step- if the applicant is from outside Canada, they should complete an Educational Credentials Assessment or ECA. This is to prove that Applicant educational qualifications are equivalent to those granted by the Canadian educational System.

Stage 2: Complete your language capacity tests

As the next stage in the Express Entry program, applicants should take the necessary English language capability tests. Applicant must score of minimum of 6 in each band of IELTS

Stage 3: Create your Express Entry profile

As a next step, applicants should make an online Express Entry profile. The profile should include age, work experience, education, language abilities, adaptability etc.

Stage 4: Calculate your CRS score

The profiles in the Express Entry pool are ranked depending on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Highly scored applicants are sent invitations to apply for Canada immigration.

The factors considered in the ranking system are: age, Education, work experience, marital status, skill transferability, spouse education & experience, education in Canada, experience in Canada, provincial nomination, Job offer from Canada employer, adaptability, and so on.

Stage 5: Get your Invitation to Apply (ITA)

The Express Entry draw is conducted at regular intervals, sometimes monthly or fortnightly. The CRS score usually fluctuates with each Express Entry draw. Applicant profile will be chosen from the Express Entry pool. Highest ranked applicants are chosen in the Express Entry draw. After this, the applicant will get an ITA from the Canadian government following which the applicant can arrange the documents to apply for PR visa with IRCC.

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Several ways to migrate to Canada:


Find out what immigration program you are eligible for with your family members and choose an experienced consultant to process.

Canada immigration through – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program:

In this program an Applicant must study and migrate by graduating from a school or by working in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland and Labrador.

Family sponsorship:

Once an applicant gets the Canada permanent residence visa, he or she can sponsor relatives, spouse, partner, children, parents, grandparents, and others to immigrate.

You can sponsor one person related by blood or adoption

  • spouse
  • common-law partner
  • conjugal partner
  • son or daughter
  • parent
  • grandparent
  • orphaned brother or sister
  • orphaned nephew or niece
  • orphaned grandchild

Quebec-selected skilled workers:

Quebec migration is for migrating skilled worker to Quebec province


Applicants can migrate to Canada to provide care for children, the elderly or those with medical needs, or work as a live-in caregiver. For this, applicants need to be sponsored by permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

Start-up Visa:

Applicants can migrate to start a business and to create jobs. For this Applicant must meet the eligibility criteria.


Self-employed people can migrate to Canada; the purpose should be cultural or athletic activities. Applicants need to have exceptional skills and meet the eligibility criteria.

Temporary workers / Work permits:

An Applicant can get the Work permit from the Canada Employer and work temporarily. To apply for this visa, applicants must get the job from a Canadian employer, and also it has to be approved by LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessments). Applicants have the opportunity to travel with their family members.

Benefits of Canadian Immigration:

➔ Standard of Living

➔ Medical Benefits

➔ Safety & Security

➔ Growing Economy

➔ Immigration to Canada options

➔ Immigration Friendly

➔ Renowned Educational Institutions

➔ Employment Opportunities

➔ Natural Beauty

Standard Of Living:

Benefits of Canada immigration include enhancing one’s standard of living. In addition to being ranked 9th in the United Nations (UN) ‘quality of life’ ranking in 2016, Canada has ranked 9th out of 200 countries in the UN’s annual Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI measures health, life expectancy, access to education and standard of living.

Out of 140 cities evaluated for the ‘most liveable cities in the world’ by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU); Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary (all cities in Canada) were among the top five. But a high standard of living is just one of the many Canada immigration benefits that the immigrants get to enjoy.

Medical Benefits:

Among the Canada immigration benefits, having access to state-funded healthcare is not something to be underestimated. Canada provides state-funded healthcare facilities that enable people from all walks of life to have access to quality healthcare without worrying about paying heavy fees to the doctor and medical treatment. And also if you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, basic healthcare is completely free of cost! This is one of the most valued Canada immigration benefits among aspiring immigrants.

Safety & Security:

Benefits of Canada immigration include having access to a safe and clean environment. Canada has strict gun laws, it is not only illegal to own handguns but only one-third of the population has a license to carry firearms. It is no wonder Canada was named the world’s most peaceful country in 2007 by The Economist. The Legatum Global Prosperity Index (2016) has ranked Canada #2 in the world in personal freedom that measures the national progress towards basic legal rights, individual freedoms, and social tolerance. Those who give priority to safety count this fact as one the most important among Canada immigration benefits.

Growing Economy:

Having access to career opportunities and good working conditions is one of Canada immigration benefits. Since mid-2016, Canada’s economy has grown at a 4.3 percent annual rate. Based on data from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Canada ranks 20 out of the top 25 richest countries in the world with a GDP per capita of $45,981. Canada is also one of the most powerful countries in the world as it is a member of the G8 and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Immigration to Canada options:

A variety of immigration options which are less cumbersome is also considered as one of the many Canada immigration benefits. Canada has a fast-track system for immigration called Express-Entry for skilled workers. The skills of the applicants are ranked on their specific talents and job prospects through the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The applicants at the top of the rankings are offered permanent residency.

Canada’s Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) enables Provincial and Territorial governments in Canada to attract immigrants to their region. This program enables individuals with the skills and experience required by the province(s) participating in Canada’s PNP to receive a Provincial Nomination Certificate which expedites the Canadian immigration and the Canadian Permanent Residency process. The fact that Canada offers vast opportunities for persons possessing different skill sets is definitely one among the many Canada immigration benefits.

Immigration Friendly:

One of the most prominent Canada immigration benefits is that the country is highly immigrant friendly. Approximately 20% of Canada’s 35 million people are from a foreign land, which makes Canada one of the world’s most multicultural countries. The diversity in Canada makes settling easier for immigrants as it plays a vital role in forming the tolerant and welcoming attitude of the government and people of Canada. The Legatum Global Prosperity Index (2016) revealed that Canada ranks 3rd out of 148 nations in the Social Capital sub-index. This measures the strength of personal relationships, social network support, social norms and civic participation in a country.

Renowned Educational Institutions:

Canada immigration benefits include having access to excellent educational opportunities. Canada is home to an excellent education system hence providing quality education to its residents. Canada provides both public and private education systems. The public schools are funded by the government and are free for students until 12th Grade. Canada is also equipped with public colleges and universities where students have to pay tuition that is substantially less than private colleges and universities. Some of the top universities in the world like McGill University, University of British Columbia and University of Toronto are located in Canada.

Employment Opportunities:

The Legatum Global Prosperity Index (2016) has ranked Canada 3rd out of 149 nations in Business Environment. The Business Environment sub-index measures a country’s entrepreneurial environment including its business infrastructure, barriers to innovation and labor market flexibility. This ranking indicates that there are great employment opportunities available in Canada for people from all walks of life, which again is one of Canada immigration benefits.

Natural Beauty:

Enjoying the natural beauty is one of the most attractive Canada immigration benefits. Canada has some of the most scenic places in the world. Niagara Falls in Ontario; Banff National Park in Alberta; Prince Edward Island; Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains; and the Capilano River area in British Columbia.

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  • Filling application forms
  • Samples given at every stage
  • Advice to improve the profile
  • Letter Drafting.
  • Acquiring work and residence permits.
  • Review on Rejections and Appeal Guidance
  • Canada Visitor visa services for the parents and relatives
  • Dependent visa services
  • Assistance on finding job

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