Germany Investor Visa

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Germany Investor Visa

The Western European country of Germany is a beautiful tourist destination attracting millions of visitors every year.

With its rich history, majestic castles, and picturesque landscapes, Germany has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations worldwide.

In addition, depending where you come from, there are certain procedures you need to go through in order to enter and visit Germany.

So if you are planning to enter Germany for a short period of time as a tourist or a visitor, you will need a German short-stay visa, also known as a tourist or visitor visa.

Let’s go through everything you need to know about the German tourist/visitor visa requirements and application process

How to Apply for the Germany Tourist/Visitor Visa?

To apply for the Germany tourist/visitor visa, simply follow the steps listed below:

Initially, keep in mind to apply early. At least 3 weeks before your travel date.

Locate the nearest German embassy/consulate in your country. This is where you should go to set up an appointment.

If there is no German embassy/consulate in your country, you should locate the German embassy in a neighboring country.

Depending on the embassy, you may also set up an appointment online.

Fill in the application form with precision and sincerity. Print two copies and sign both of them.

Pay the visa fee and take the payment confirmation with you.

Make sure you have all the necessary documents before submitting the application.

Prepare for the interview by searching online for common questions asked in such cases.

Additionally, make sure you are on time, not too late and not too early either.

What’s the processing time for the Germany tourist/visitor visa?

The processing time for the Germany tourist/visitor visa highly depends on the application centre and their workload at the time.

Generally, the waiting time around the world for a Schengen visitor/tourist visa is two weeks, but one can never be too sure, that is why it is important to apply as early as possible.

In some cases, the waiting time for the German tourist/visitor visa is 30 days, but depending on different circumstances, it may take up to 60 calendar days. As said, it largely depends on the workload.

When should I apply for the Germany tourist/visitor visa?

It is advised that you apply as early as possible. Up until recently, you could submit an application 3 months prior to your travel date.

However, according to the new Schengen visa rules starting February 2020, you can now submit an application 6 months before you’re set to travel.

How much is the Germany tourist/visitor visa fee?

The Germany tourist/visitor fee is €80 for adults. Children aged 6-12 are required to pay €40.

Nationals of countries that have visa-facilitation agreements with the EU will have to pay €35.

How long is the Germany tourist/visitor visa valid for?

The short-stay Schengen visa is generally valid for a maximum of 90 days within six months. The validity of your visa, on the other hand, depends on the embassy that issued the visa.