USA Dependent Visa

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What is Dependent Visa for USA?

A Dependent Visa USA allows the spouse or children of certain US visa holders to accompany them to the country. Depending on the type of visa the individual possesses, the partner and the children can apply for a corresponding dependent permit. The validity of these visas varies upon the validity of the primary visa. If the sponsoring individual has a permit for say 2 years, their dependents will have a visa valid for up to 2 years.

Based on the type of primary visa, the dependent visas are of the following major types -

  •  H4 Dependent Visa - This permit is issued to the spouse/children of individuals working in the USA under the H1-B category.

  •  F2 Dependent Visa - This is issued for the spouse/children of people studying in the country on an F1 permit.

  •  L2 Dependent Visa - Dependents of people on company transfer in the US under the L1 category are issued with this type of permit.

  •  J2 Dependent Visa - Issued to the spouse/children of individuals on exchange programs under the J1 category.